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*** WE HAVE MOVED OUR TRAINING ONLINE DUE TO CURRENT NEED FOR SOCIAL DISTANCING *** Havening Techniques training in the UK – For therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, medics, coaches, NLP practitioners, trauma specialists and a wide range of other professionals involved in helping and developing people. Delivered by Havening’s Head of Trainer Training, Tony Burgess and experienced Havening Trainer, Julie French, sometimes in collaboration with guest trainers and facilitators

OUR NEXT UK TRAINING: Delivered ONLINE over 4 half-days: 11th, 12th, 18th and 19th August 2020

Looking ahead – We also have an online course available across 4 half days in September: 9th, 10th, 16th and 17th Sept 2020

Want to be involved with Nottingham Trent University’s field study RESEARCH into Havening?

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OUR NEXT UK TRAINING: Delivered ONLINE over 4 half-days: 11th, 12th, 18th and 19th August 2020

Havening Techniques – A Better Life Through Neuroscience

(Do make sure any Havening Techniques training that you consider is approved by the originators. All approved trainers and practitioners are listed on the www.havening.org website).

About Us

Tony Burgess is Head of Trainer Training for Havening, having been Havening’s Head of UK and Europe from September 2014 to April 2017. Julie French is a highly experienced certified practitioner and certified Havening trainer who has delivered on Havening courses across the UK and also abroad. Tony and Julie are partners both in business and in life. They live and breathe their message together day-by-day, personally and professionally.


Havening Techniques have been developed by Dr Ron Ruden, MD in collaboration with his brother Dr Steven Ruden who are based in New York running private medical and dental practices respectively.

The originator’s official Havening Techniques website is www.havening.org


Who is this training for? Professionals who are involved in people-development work, such as coaches, therapists, NLP practitioners, medical practitioners, psychologists, psychiatrists…

Tony Burgess and Julie French are certified practitioners of Havening Techniques. Havening Techniques is a registered trademark of Ronald Ruden, 15 East 91st Street, New York. www.havening.org