Your delivery team: Tony Burgess and Julie French, sometimes joint delivering with Louise and Ian McKay plus guest facilitators

Julie French

Ian McKay

Louise McKay

Tony Burgess

Members of our well-established team of certified Havening Techniques® trainers and practitioners will deliver your training. Tony Burgess is a certified Havening trainer and former Head of UK & Europe for Havening (September 2014 to April 2017). He is currently Havening’s Head of Trainer Training. Julie French is an experienced certified Havening practitioner and has facilitated and co-presented on many training events. Louise McKay is a certified Havening trainer and is current Head of UK & Europe for Havening. Ian McKay is an experienced certified Havening practitioner and he too has facilitated and co-presented on many training events. We also often have wonderful guest facilitators all of whom are either certified Havening practitioners or trainers. Each year we run events where all four of us are present to deliver the training and we also run some smaller events where Tony and Julie are delivering without Louise and Ian. See details of individual dated courses for confirmation of delivery team.

Left to Right: Tony Burgess, Julie French, Louise McKay, Ian McKay

About Tony Burgess and his own journey with Havening Techniques

My name is Tony Burgess. I was one of the very first people globally to be certified as a Havening Techniques Practitioner. I was subsequently approved as one of the first certified Havening Techniques Trainers in the world. I was Head of the UK and European Division of Havening Techniques from September 2014 until April 2017. I am now Havening’s Head of Trainer Training.

I attended the very first official training course in Havening Techniques in London and I can hardly express how pleased I am that I went to that training – It was one of the best professional decisions I have made in my life. Once I had become a Certified Practitioner and a Certified Trainer, I went on to train at events around the UK, across Europe and also in the USA. I’ve been privileged to present alongside Drs Ron and Steven Ruden, the originators of Havening. I’ve enjoyed introducing hundreds of people to Havening Techniques and have also been responsible for training many of the Certified Havening Techniques certified trainers globally.

I’ve tended over the years to be healthily sceptical (whilst curious) about any new approach to facilitating profound change. Whilst open-minded, I like to personally test-drive any techniques so I can experience the effectiveness first hand to make sure that the tools work quickly, effectively and can produce genuine lasting change.

As an already very experienced therapist, coach and trainer it has been rare for me to find a new approach that has genuinely impressed me so quickly … and Havening Techniques is one of those methodologies that has quite frankly blown me away with its ease of use and consistent powerful effectiveness.

Since first test driving Havening Techniques, I’ve helped many people to become completely free from unhelpful responses to past trauma. I’ve also helped people in a wide range of other therapeutic areas using Havening. Although I’d already had a great deal of therapeutic success with clients for many years before I discovered Havening, by incorporating Havening Techniques into my day-to-day work it took things to a much greater level of effectiveness. Havening can biologically totally free people from the chains of their past so they can start living again – it can give them their life back!

I’ve also applied Havening Techniques within my coaching work and within my personal and professional development work and I have been delighted by how well it integrates with other tools and approaches.

A video about Tony’s journey with Havening Techniques (up to Feb 2016):

Louise McKay Certified Havening Techniques Practitioner and Trainer. Louise is also Head of the UK and European Division of Havening Techniques®

Louise is passionate about Havening Techniques and about helping people.

She is a qualified Person-Centred and Integrative Counsellor with over 20 years prior experience as an equestrian trainer. Louise was one of the first wave of people to be certified as a Havening Techniques Practitioner before going on to become a certified Havening Techniques Trainer and in April 2017 she took on the role of Head of UK and Europe for Havening. Louise has an infectious and positive energy and her authentic passion for life clearly shines through.

Louise’s full involvement with Havening Techniques stems from her extraordinary personal havening journey that has totally transformed and enhanced her experience of life and also the lives of her private clients. In her role as a Havening Techniques Trainer, Louise shares her knowledge in a way that is engaging, enjoyable and understandable for all.

Louise has also organised international conferences for the global Havening community.

Louise’s own website is here:

Other Core Members of the Delivery Team:

Julie French and Ian McKay are experienced and knowledgeable co-presenters at our Havening training events and at any specific event the team often has other Certified Practitioners helping with facilitation too.

Julie French, Certified Havening Techniques Practitioner:

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Julie French is a therapist, NLP Master Trainer, personal and professional coach, training facilitator, author and professional speaker. Based in the UK, she is a founding Director of Academy of High Achievers Ltd specialising in mindset and communication programmes that include training in NLP and DiSC behavioural profiling. Julie’s mission is to empower individuals to get out of their own way so that they can have more wonderful experiences in life. She loves life and one of her great characteristics is in ‘exploding warmth’ wherever she goes!

As an experienced Havening Techniques Practitioner, Julie has co-presented and facilitated on many Havening trainings globally.


Ian McKay, Certified Havening Techniques Practitioner:


Ian is friendly, approachable and professional.  After personally experiencing the benefits of Havening, he travelled to New York to observe teachings by Drs Ronald & Steven Ruden, then completing his training with Tony Burgess.
Ian applies Havening as a stand-alone therapy, using a person-centred approach to ensure sessions are individually designed to address each client’s wellbeing.  He specialises in corporate & public speaking coaching and has a keen interest in sports peak performance work. Having worked in the corporate world for many years from SME’s to FTSE 40 businesses, Ian has a solid understanding of the pressures experienced when working within an office environment.
Ian is an experienced Havening Techniques Practitioner and has co-delivered and facilitated on Havening training events across the UK as well as in the USA and Europe.

Tony Burgess, Louise McKay, Julie French and Ian McKay are certified practitioners of Havening Techniques. Havening Techniques is a registered trademark of Ronald Ruden, 15 East 91st Street, New York.