“Havening is a gentle, uncomplicated, flexible and powerful tool to use to resolve blocks, remove stored negative emotions and relieve deeper trauma. Tony and Julie make the learning process easy and fun with their relaxed but thoroughly professional approach to teaching, and their passion for the process.

Wilma Allen

“I am so humbled to know Tony Burgess… He is truly passionate about the work he does. As a Havening Practitioner, his skills are used in a very elegant way… His ability to weave Havening into his work is inspiring and his belief in it really shines through at all times”

Lynn Grocott

The Havening training provided by Tony Burgess and Julie French is highly recommended. If you are looking for training in Havening make sure you go for the best there is – Tony and Julie provided brilliant training and all online due to the current pandemic. The experience was highly engaging, exceptionally well planned and delivered. Very enjoyable and time flew by – because it was so absorbing. Tony and Julie are so inclusive and highly professional. This means learning Havening with Tony and Julie is highly effective, very enjoyable and you learn the skills very quickly. Thank you so much Tony and Julie for such experiential learning and for being your wonderful selves – sharing so generously your wealth of skills, experience, knowledge and resources related to Havening!

Joan Haines

‘I have known Tony for 9 years and he is one of the most talented therapists I have worked with. He is extremely tenacious in resolving the issue for the client and generous with his time and care. The best thing about Tony is that he actually transforms lives; I cannot recommend him highly enough.’


“Excellent, engaging training”

Joanna Orsman

“Tony’s teaching methods and style make the learning process really effective. A must for anyone in the ‘change-maker’ profession. Thank you Tony for introducing me to another fantastic tool for my already effective toolbox. You’re a star.”

Steve HallsStaffordshire’s Premier Personal Trainer

“Wow! A life-changing event!”

Jo StallardForesight - Jo Stallard Hypnotherapy

” ******* Awesome!”

Julie Ginns

“Thank you so much for this wonderfully inspiring and personal growth-enhancing training and for introducing Havening in such an accessible and clear manner. I thoroughly enjoyed the training and have already started using it with my own clients and am talking about the underlying neurophysiological mechanisms all the time. I loved the way you made the neurophysiology palatable to understand and even fun to digest. Thank you so much for giving us practice opportunities. It was very important to experience Havening ourselves and this gave me a sense of the power behind this technique and also respect and discernment for how carefully it needs to be used. Thank you to all the helpers for their presence, warmth and openness to sharing and supporting us during the two days. It felt nurturing and safe. Altogether two very profound, deeply inspiring, transformative training days.”

Dr Claudia HerbertChartered Clinical Psychologist, Clinical Director of The Oxford Development Centre Ltd

“Well balanced course. Good explanation of the Neuroscience behind this wonderful set of techniques. Huge thanks and gratitude to Tony and his team”

Dr Samantha WellappiliGP

“Thank you for this wonderful experience”

Eva Detko, PhDwww.dr-eva.com

“Life changing! Tony and the gang are amazing!”

Simon Townsend


Liz HurleyAffirm Partnership Ltd

“The best course I have ever done”

Nicola YassinLife Coach, Invisible Orchard

“Truly life-changing”

Gordon Smith-DuranHeal Yourself Therapies

“Amazing couple of days”

Sara ButlerWeight Management Counsellor

“I thoroughly recommend Tony”

Angela SmythThe Seeds For Change

“Two Amazing days! Havening is hugely powerful. The science and the practical aspects were clearly and simply explained. This is going to be one of the most useful and valuable tools in my kit. Excellent team. Highly recommended!”

Mary CollinU-Can (UN)LTD / 3 Degrees Social

“Amazingly talented and encouraging team”

Patti Hudspeth

“Great trainer and support team. Good mix of theory and clinical practice”

Georgie Oldfield SIRPA Ltd

“Really enlightening. Loved the course. Thank you”

Dr Tom Debenham

Tony Burgess and Julie French are certified practitioners of Havening Techniques. Havening Techniques is a registered trademark of Ronald Ruden, 15 East 91st Street, New York. www.havening.org