Above: Tony Burgess demonstrating Havening Techniques at UK training event

Above: Tony Burgess demonstrating Havening Techniques at UK training event

Who is this training for?

Professionals who are involved in people-development work, such as coaches, therapists, NLP practitioners, medical practitioners, psychologists, psychiatrists, complementary practitioners, support workers, emergency services – first responders, EFT, TFT and EMDR practitioners …

What will I get from the 2 days of training?

On the 2 day programme, we’ll cover the scientific explanations of how Havening Techniques work and where Havening can be helpful in therapeutic work and in wider personal-development work. You’ll get to see demonstrations of the various forms of Havening in action. You’ll get hands-on practice using the Havening Techniques with other participants. You’ll get your questions answered both during the training and beyond. (You’ll also get access to a manual and online videos).

Above: From Tony Burgess's Havening Techniques training in Manchester, UK

Above: From Tony Burgess’s Havening Techniques training in Manchester, UK

You simply cannot get what you need to become a fully informed and up-to-date Havening Techniques Practitioner without attending an approved 2-day Havening Techniques training course. THIS is one of those approved courses. I nearly made the mistake of not attending the training when I first got involved – it would have been a huge mistake. I urge you to make the commitment to yourself to become the best practitioner that you can become by going through the full certification process, starting with this 2-day training.

For more information about the full journey to becoming a Havening Techniques Practitioner, including assessment beyond the training, click here


Tony Burgess and Julie French are certified practitioners of Havening Techniques. Havening Techniques is a registered trademark of Ronald Ruden, 15 East 91st Street, New York. www.havening.org